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Gianluca Ferraro was born in Naples in 1984.

Since child hood, he has been always fully dedicated to the drawing, art and design.

He studiedat the Art College in Naples and graduated with honors in Architecture at “University of Federico II” of Naples.

In the last fifteen years he has approached to tattoo art, up to become a great professionist.

In his work he is able to convey his passion and devotion to the art, combined with a meticulous research and attention to the detail in order to makeeach work unique. Over the years he has been always committed in enhancing his technique, both in drawing and in the tattoo art.

Now a days he is exclusively dedicated to Realistic Black & Grey, drawings “Realism” is the most effective test field to show owntalent in "Perfectionism" and "Precision".

He enjoys with photography, oil painting, charcoal drawing and many other drawing techniques that he continuously experiments.

This is his own "Life", Total Devotion!

He love stravelling round the world both for passion and fordealing with ot her tattooist. He always takes part to the international Tattoo convention, where he also won a several awards. Currently his commitment is split between Europe, Asia and USA as the appreciation for his art and talent keep growing at international level. Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, Guangzhou, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles and London are some cities where he established his network.

Over the last years he strengthened the relationship with the great tattooist Jose Lopez who strongly supports his works. He represents a “Mentor” and a “Guide” for Gianluca both in business and personal life.

Among it's customers there are manywell-known names like in, football players, famous dancers and actors.

Artist Tattoo Black And Grey Realistic


gianlucatattoo@hotmail.it     -    Napoli , via Principe di Napoli 22\F

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